Dr Cosmin Dima – Medic specialist implantologie si chirurgie parodontala (Check C.V.)
Dr Mircea Laslau – Medic specialist chirurgie oro-maxilo-faciala
Dr Dan Andrei Iacob – Medic specialist ortodontie si ortopedie dento-faciala
Dr Jhonny Caster- Medic endodont
Dr Mihai Oltei – Medic dentist
Dr Iulia Florea – Medic dentist
Dr Bara Serban – Medic dentist
Dr Burtea Ramona – Medic specialist ATI
Doina – Asistenta
Sandra- Asistenta
Anca – Asistenta
Andreea – Asistenta
Adina – Office Manager
Lidia – Assistant Manager
Alexandra – Assistant Manager 


We are different!

It would be easy for us to brag about our best team, about our best clinic just like others do, but we prefer to let the facts speak for themselves because a picture is worth a thousand words. (see clinical cases)

Why us?

  • We give our best for our treatment plan to be painless, as complicated they may be.
  • We have over 7000 content patients, we wish to be the best and we do everything to achieve it through attention to details and permanent training.
  • We certainly do not have the lowest prices, but also not the highest, because we want to treat patients at the right price for what we offer.
  • We have ISO international certification.
  • Maybe we are not always able to conceive the best treatment plans by ourselves, but we do have the big advantage to call on great specialists from both our country and abroad, with whom we have close relationships and who give us a hand whenever we need it.
  • We are not perfect and we admit it and if a case surpasses us and it can be better treated by another specialist we have the capacity to lead the patient towards the most favorable path for him.
  • We perform surgery only in the morning when the doctor’s concentration is maximum and the patient’s organism has the best reaction.
  • We offer the most extensive warranty in domain.  (see warranty certificate)
  • And… what makes us different from most of the others is that we give our best to save each tooth, as affected as it may be, as it is ours because we place medicine before our business and this helps us to never think a treatment plan depending on cashing, but according to what is best for the patient.

Why more expensive than other clinics?

  • Because more expensive at the beginning means cheaper on a long term, especially when it concerns health.
  • Because we permanently invest to modernize the clinic.
  • Because we have hygiene rules and performance equipment that make impossible the microbial contamination of patients.
  • Because we permanently have in stock at least 50 dental implants, fact that allows us, regardless the case, to place the most appropriate implant and not the implant that we have in the drawer, as unfortunately happens in many other clinics which promote offers impossible to support with quality products.
  • Because we have a highly qualified staff, constantly trained to high standards so we are able to offer the latest worldwide treatment solutions.

Why cheaper than other clinics?

  • Because we want to have pleased patients to whom we offer fair prices and because we do not have hidden costs.

Why are we doing these?

  • Because in 10 years from now, in 20 years from now we will still be here and we want then to be proud of the treatments performed today and we want you to be happy for choosing us.


Dental Progress Team



poza clinica

Dental Progress Clinic is probably the only dental clinic characterized by the elegance and harmony of the classical style. From children to art connoisseurs, everyone is being enchanted by the special design of the Dental Progress Clinic, by the warmth and closeness which dominate the inside of the house. Being situated in the center of Bucharest, on Calea Dorobantilor, near ASE, the Dental Progress Clinic functions in a house built over one hundred years ago, that has been rebuilt and modernized, still preserving the air of Little Paris. The passing from the majestic harmony of the waiting room to the ultramodern equipped examination rooms has been a challenge for our designers, who have created for our patients a very welcoming, relaxing and exquisite place. Just one single step separates the subtle past from the present, the classic from the modern, the warm colors of the stained glass from the pure white of the examination rooms. Entering the examination room, it is hard not to notice the elite equipment ready to be used for your treatment.

Certification for ISO 9001

Serviciile medicale oferite pacienţilor clinicii stomatologice Dental Progress sunt la cel mai înalt nivel atât pe plan național, cât şi pe plan internaţional.

The medical treatments offered to the patients of the Dental Progress Clinic are at the highest point at both national and international level.

The Dental Progress Clinic has obtained the “Quality Management System” certificate which corresponds to the SR EN ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 9001:2008 standards in dental services area; this certificate confirms that medical treatments offered to the patients of the Dental Progress Clinic are at the highest point at both national and international level.

Warranty certificate


  • The warranty for prosthetic works and dental implants is for 5 years.
  • The warranty period does not represent the lasting of their use, usually being much longer.

The following situations lead to the loss of the warranty:

  • Neglectful oral hygiene;
  • When the Doctor’s instruction are not being followed (e.g.: If dentures or night guards for grinding are not being worn during night);
  • When the patient does not come at least every 6 months for check-up and prophylaxis;
  • When patient’s health condition may have bad effects on his dental state (osteoporosis, post chemotherapy effects, diabetes, epilepsy, severe avitaminosis);
  • Warranty may be reduced if the patient suffers periodontal diseases;
  • When treatments have not been entirely paid;
  • Warranty cannot be used for broken prosthetics determined by external causes (falls, hits, accidents);
  • Warranty does not cover temporary dental crowns;
  • When patient seeks care for the involved area at a different dental clinic;
  • Warranty does not cover prosthetic works replacement in case of gum recession (physiological changes);
  • Warranty does not apply for implant replacement when infections may appear around the implant because of improper oral hygiene or poor health condition.

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